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Plantation Home Furniture
Plantation Home Furniture


Woodra International Company was founded after more than 40 years of post World War II Pacific furniture manufacturing for the American Military personnel and Department of Defense Civilians. They loved the idea of having rattan furniture and solid wood furniture like in the movies and the furniture designs that were being produced in California. 

       Woodra International, Inc. was founded in 2002 from its sister company based in the Philippines that was established in the 1960’s from the previous Subic naval Base. The manufacturing of furniture continued through the ages and through generations of children to the highest quality possible. These were the times of Tropical Sun Rattan and Seven Seas of California. The Baughman Furniture company that was established in the downtown Manila. 

       Woodra adapted the cell production philosophy that was discovered in the 18th century that successful production of high quality items come from Highly skilled individuals or a small group of Highly skilled carpenters or framers from conception to the finished product. 

       The furniture designs won immediate acceptance in the market place for price, quality, design and reliability. Sturdier and more durable designs with a high end offering to a leading marquee. Woodra furniture are becoming highly prized and sought after. 

       Dedication to quality and commitment to the product went hand-in-hand with good business practice. The company had financial strength to overcome everyday obstacles, critical development guidelines while effectively marketing its product and establishing an international distributorship. 

       Quality product, quality management, effective distribution. Woodra has assembled a winning corporate success. 

       Its concept is simple and unique – ultimate custom designs. 


        For 10 years Rene’ Godinez developed for Woodra the revival of the old rattan and solid wood furniture to what they were in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. He got away from the everyday furniture of the modern era and decided that the way of the future is “The Retro – Look ”. 

        Loving the Hawaiian Islands this inspired man made the furniture a vision with finality. 

        Today the company is enjoying international sales from the shores of California, Hawaii and Japan. 

SHEMAYNE R. GODINEZ - Vice-President and Finance 

        An original family member of the Woodra Enterprises, Inc., of the Philippines made her the sole organizer on what and where to get the designs of rattan and solid wood furniture. 

        She organizes Woodra to it’s peak in performance in Subic, Philippines while traveling to Hawaii, California and Japan to make sure the furniture is all right after the travels from the Philippines. 

ANDREA ROCK - Sales Manager 

        Andrea has had 5 years of experience on retail sales from Insurance companies and sales manager of Office Depot. She then transferred to Rock Interiors on the Island of Maui to do all the sales for the manufacturing line on that Isalnd. 

"The Team"